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21 stycznia 2014

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Firma PAWROL posiada certyfikaty: GMP+ B3, GMP+ B4 

Registration No. GMP+: GMP013208

Oraz RedCert System certyfikacji: KZR INIG Nr. 0047 963 00027

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tel. 604834444

Ul. Glinojecka 9

09-130 Baboszewo





PHU "PAWROL" provides transport services with the usage of trucks in Poland and European Union. 
Our company has possessed grain elevator with the capacity of 20500 tones, which is used for grain purchasing. We have got also cleaners and dryers for wheat, corn, oat, rape, barley and lupin.


Objects of our purchase are: rye, consumer wheat, animal-feeding wheat, maize, triticale, canola, barley, lupin. We purchase it mainly from Mazowiecki region and also from whole Poland. 

Objects of sales are : bran, building materials, string, fertilizers, coal, pulp dry "Tofi" type.





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